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Energy Audit & Consulting


We do a Full Energy Audit by performing an in-home Comprehensive Energy Assessments by testing using state-of-the art equipment complete with computer analysis and we give expert recommendations for corrective measures and methods required to enhance home energy efficiency. We begin by discovering any comfort or health issues you may have. Any safety issues your home may have will not escape our expert audit and we help you to get a better resale value for your home as well as save energy. Firstly, we carefully tally your needs and wish list based on your house structure and systems. We believe in not just phone consultation but also in person at your house. We measure the performance of various systems in your house using equipment for draftiness, insulation, electricity, fossil fuel use and other mechanisms.

audit-energy-imageBased on a complete home assessment, we define the required upgrades, repairs and replacements for better air quality, comfort and to save energy costs. Trust our hands-on expertise across various cities to perform specific home performance assessments

Advantages of Home Energy Audit

Customized Energy Reports

You will be presented with a comprehensive report that explains existing home conditions and recommended plan of action for essential improvements and corresponding costs. Your health and safety is our priority followed by comfort level and energy efficiency and our company provides recommendations accordingly.

We provide tailor made recommendations based on our client’s home and needs; our service is not limited to any particular method as we offer varied solutions to combat issues using a performance based technique. Yes, you are the Boss when it comes to choosing an ideal plan based on your needs, schedule and budget. We also assist with information regarding financing options, government and any applicable utility incentives.

Our smooth execution of work based on the retrofit plan and analysis will ensure project completion on time and within your budget. A typical retrofit work involves air sealing of the building envelope, sealing and recommended upgrades of air handling and electrical appliances and if required targeted insulation and window improvements. Sometimes, replacement of major mechanical appliances (furnaces and hot water heaters) or windows and doors may be required.

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Who needs an Energy Audit?

The complete Home Energy Audit is ideal for those who: