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Building Envelope

airleaksThe total system of construction components used to control temperature, movement of air and moisture in and out of the building is known as the Building Envelope. Stability, comfort and healthier indoor ambience can be achieved only by an efficient air and vapor barrier insulation. New designs and materials are being tested to prolong service life of homes and commercial spaces.

No Worries if Built Tight and Ventilated Right

The traditional code for home design and building requires ventilating the Attic and Crawl Spaces as standard building materials could not prevent radiant heat transfer, condensation and “stack-effect problems”.

Ventilation was deemed as answer for all these issues however, it also promotes pollution, moisture retention and welcomes rodents and insects through voids leaving us with stale air.

This worsens in summer time and even fans don’t help to cool down 95 degree hot humid air. It’s a different story in winter with freezing air moving in to chill our bones. 10% or more heat or cold transfer occurs when duct utilities are in the attic and crawl spaces which also promotes mold and moisture clogging in the ducts thereby causing health problems to the residents.

In the scorching summer months, heat builds up ranging from 130 -150 degrees on the roof and transfers into the attic spaces when traditional ventilation is used and this welcomes mold. It’s a vicious cycle when the air conditioning starts working on over load to cut down the heat and increases costs and discomfort.

Traditional architects may argue that walls need to breathe as well and may not be aware of the advantages of using modern and innovative techniques and superior materials to maximize the performance of mechanical ventilation systems.

Move over fiber glass and cellulose, here comes Spray Foam insulation, the ultimate solution to all the above problems and implement it to improve air quality, enhance structural strength, maximize energy performance and save some cash.